Concept for an art exhibit called “Doublegänger”

  1. Take a series of photographs of identical twins/people confronting mirrors
  2. Print these large-format and hang them in a very large room
  3. On the day of the art show, prepare a back room with a large number of volunteers and a huge wardrobe
  4. As visitors come into the room, watch on a hidden camera
  5. Find a volunteer who resembles each guest, and have them dress as similarly to them as possible from the wardrobe
  6. Send the volunteers out to mingle near the visitors, but never to speak with them or make eye contact
  7. The goal is to have each visitor matched with a volunteer, effectively doubling the crowd in an eerie, real-time way
  8. As each guest leaves, offer them a souvenir photo of “themselves” — actually a photo of their matched volunteer, staring directly into the camera with wide eyes and a blank expression

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