Selected works by Jody Hewgill and Peter Diamond

Today, I’m sharing qualified links. I have mixed feelings about the work of Jody Hewgill and Peter Diamond. Without question, they’re both enormously talented, skilled, and successful. But Jody’s work is a little too Art Deco/Jazzy for my tastes and Peter’s work is just disturbing in its complexity.

Still, they both made my jaw drop a little this morning, so I’m sharing these two pieces which are my favorite of their works, with the qualified offer for you to explore more.

First up, a perfect Mark Twain print by Jody Hewgill:

And where there’s smoke, there’s fire — specifically, in this piece by the terrifyingly detailed Peter Diamond:

If you do check out their work, tell me what you think. I’d be curious to know whether you liked them more or less as you looked more deeply into their portfolios.

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