Throwaway game concept: Faktorie


To survive the winter, you must work. You must love. You must dream.

A game in which the player takes on the role of a father, factory worker, and daydreamer trying to keep his family together through a harsh winter. The player wakes up every morning at home, and must manage his family well, dealing with crises and organizing the scant resources to keep everyone healthy and together.

Then he must walk through the snow to the factory, and as he walks, navigate a dream space of imagination and ideas, which grow his happiness and help him solve problems in the real world. The more he dreams, however, the slower he walks, and he must make it to the factory on time, or lose his job and doom his family.

When he arrives at the factory, he must work at backbreaking labor, while walking a razor’s edge between trying not to risk his easily-lost job and trying to find ways to rise higher within the dangerous and political world of the factory.

Dreams will invade reality. Dangers from one world will cross and collide with fears from others. But in the end, if he can keep his family united through the dark days of winter, spring will come, and life will begin anew for the dreamer.

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